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The battle between Xmas and new year
this game is going to be played on the 28th & 29th December and is a 1 day game
The Battle of Musa Qala (also Qaleh or Qal’eh) was a British led military action in Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan, launched by the Afghan National Army and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) against the Taliban on 7 December 2007. After three days of intense fighting, the Taliban retreated into the Woodlands on 10 December. Musa Qala was officially reported captured on 12 December, with Afghan Army troops pushing into the town centre.
The operation was codenamed snakepit Senior ISAF officers, including U.S. general Dan K. McNeill, the overall ISAF commander, agreed to the assault on 17 November 2007. It followed more than nine months of Taliban occupation of the Woodland. ISAF forces had previously occupied the town, until a controversial withdrawal in late 2006.
It was the first battle in the War in Afghanistan in which Afghan army units were the principal fighting force. Statements from the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) emphasised that the operation was Afghan-led, although the ability of Afghan units to function without NATO control was questioned during the battle. Military engagement over Musa Qala is part of a wider conflict between coalition forces and the Taliban in Helmand. Both before and after the battle, related fighting was reported across a larger area, particularly in Sangin district to the south of Musa Qala

Halloween Game Sunday 29th October
The UK is ravaged by crime and overcrowded prisons, the government sanctions an annual 6-hour period during which all criminal activity , including murder , is legal.
Teams of 6 will roam the woodland completing missions and crime killing anyone who gets in your way .come dressed as clowns or any fancy dress in your group.
this is a 1pm start and finishes 8pm normal prices.