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Phoenix Airsoft is the leading company' running Airsoft war games and skirmishes. We have been around the Nottinghamshire area for over 25 years and hold a good reputation for being one of the leading company’s in this field. We have developed our games over many years and we accommodate our games to suit all clientele.Our marshals are long standing who have a combined Airsoft experience of over 40 years...


“What a great site


Marshals Amazing .Games Amazing what more can I say give it a go  ”

Phoenix Airsoft we believe in no hidden prices,that's why we offer you great packages

From the moment you arrive you will be greeted by our professional staff and directed to the booking in area

Throughout the year we offer a variety of special events from zombie survival nights to the latest world war events.

For all the information on our upcoming special events check out the Phoenix Forum or click on of our special events Page

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